Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi, and welcome here!

Nothing new happening right now, so I give you this:

Also, check out this documentary on 21 dec 2012 on GoogleVideo. Some parts should be taken with a grain of salt, but interesting and fun none the less!

This blog is an ongoing attempt to gather information and theories surrounding Cry Gaia/darkdaysarecoming/the secret world. It's not completed yet, which I ask you to keep in mind.

I just got word that this blog has been mentioned by Ragnar Tornquists blog! Very flattering and great fun!

I encourage anyone to comment with their own theories!

Thank you to all involved in solving this riddle, you have all worked hard and I am impressed by all the effort and dedication shown in the forums. It's hard keeping track on who did what, so please don't feel left out! :)



paxundae said...

Something else to discuss.

When you successfully arrange the symbols, at least for the New York version, you see a different image. This is either post apocalyptic (doubtful...why all the cables or webs?) or the city through a mirror darkly.

It reminds me most of how cities look in the Umbra in Whitewolf's World of Darkness, after the weavers are done with them. Indeed, "Gaia" is a theme of Whitewolf's Werewolf: Apocalypse. Funcom doesn't have the IP rights (CCP does), so it can't be that exactly, but maybe something similar.

It could just be purely symbolic...look at the tangled webs of conspiracy we weave, especially around dense human population centers. The contamination and corruption of the human race, spread further by the human race. That sort of thing.

paxundae said...

Ah, you all already had those pictures, should have expected that. Ignore it then, my comment above has been deleted. There is no conspiracy.

Sneak said...

Eh you might be interested to know about this, sent at 1.04am GMT 0 ,
: I said I would call on you again. I had no idea it would be so soon.

A trusted friend has sent me a scan of an old photograph thought lost that
may hold clues to the true nature of the conspiracy. I need your help to
decipher the clues and find its source.

You were the ones, the chosen ones, who discovered the truth behind the
numbers. You are needed once more.

Your friend,

and yes the image has been deleted, draw your attention to the comment next to it.


Sneak said...

The Secret Places...

Anonymous said...

gah.... im not able to post on the forums for some goddamned reason, so i cannot add any input there as to stuff i stumble upon...

two things that might already be mentioned somewhere that ive found out however are:

1) amundsen was an illuminati/freemason himself (

2) some picture with lines from the map coordinations mark a center in africa, to be more exact what is today NIGER. judging from maps of niger, the place where the lines intersect seem to be a place called DJADO, which - maybe by coincidence - happen to host ancient ruins of unknown origin.... doesnt sound too impossible that FC choose to exploit such a thing, right? i'd be glad if you could post these findings to the forum or something should you find them interesting at all....

SA_Avenger said...

A friend wrote 14th May 2007 11:24
My situation is increasingly precarious. I stay on the move, go online only where I feel safe - in public places, coffee shops, libraries. I have stopped using my phone. I keep looking over my shoulder. I'm the last to get on the train, making sure no one enters after me - and I'm the last one off, just before the doors close. I avoid dark places, I stay where there are people, always, and I keep my eyes turned down and my face in shadow.

Paranoia grips my heart. I can't tell friend from foe, safe haven from devious trap. Sometimes I'm not even sure I'm being followed... Until I catch a glimpse of something strange in a darkened reflection, or hear a disturbingly familiar sound when I lie awake at night...

Yet I'm committed to this cause, as are you - I'm sure of it - and I will not stop until I know the whole Truth.

The code remains unbroken, however.

You have not yet found the place the photograph was taken - I'm sure of it. Remember: the arrow points the way, she said. There is an arrow made from numbers. You found it once. You can find it again.

I fear you have not found the precise hour, either. I have nothing but a gut feeling about this, but I think the answer may be even more obvious than we first thought.

With everything else, I'm confident that we have the answers we need, but not yet the way to use those answers.

Some of you are certainly on the right track, but the secret may be buried in a place closer to home, right under our eyes. Certain people are in possession of something precious that we need access to - people who should never have had it in the first place - and they are foolish enough to put it where someone, anyone, can access it.

The year. The date. The time. The place. These will lead us to a final message, and tell us something of the past...and the future.

Be vigilant, friends. Beware reflections in windows and strange sounds at night. It might mean you are getting too close. Leave it be, then, all of this, and return to your life in the sun. Enjoy it while it's still there.

I wish I could.

A friend

SilverBack said...

Hi there,

I just joined the forums after solving the puzzle and now I found your site while looking through the threads. Awesome compilation of the facts so far. Can't wait to figure out how all of this is working.



SA_Avenger said...

Hey Twee.
For people helping you could as well thank the whole community. Lots of people helped even if most found the wrong answers at least they tried.
For yesterday (when and where) it's Darkstar with few others who stand up to protect the Antartica solution and for the when it's DeathReign who found it.
Those two guys should at least be mentionned for their hard days work yesterday (didn't follow as much the days before for the other solutions)

Maelstrom said...

Just noticed, but if you continue the South to North line that would continue on from Antarctica, it would pass through Norway. Specifically the North - roughly near Tromso. Isn't that where Amundsen's ship was supposed to have crashed?