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As of today, I am moving my blogging onto the new Web site portal for The Secret World:

I'm excited to be a part of the team working on it, and I hope to see you there!

Thank you!


A message from announces the launch of a new The Secret World web site portal.

The new portal provides visitors with:
  • All the latests news on The Secret World development
  • A comprehensive "Timeline" feature, which chronicles all events surrounding The Secret World.
  • A complete collection of all screenshots and concept art.
  • A gallery of Fan Art and Wallpapers
  • A Links directory for fan site, guild sites, and all official sites.

In addition, is honored to be the new blogging home for Twee, the author of the highly acclaimed "Figuring Out Cry Gaia" blog.

New features planned for the near future include a "Dev Tracker" to monitor comments from developers of The Secret World and a Video / Audio section.

As a "Thank You" to our loyal members, during this special "Launch Weekend," is:
  • Bestowing a special Forum Title to all forum members who are registered by the end of this launch weekend.
  • Offering all registered members the opportunity to submit a question to be asked in an upcoming exclusive interview of The Secret World developers.

Thank you for making the #1 Fan Site for The Secret World.

Nyte & the Team

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Hi, and welcome here!

Nothing new happening right now, so I give you this:

Also, check out this documentary on 21 dec 2012 on GoogleVideo. Some parts should be taken with a grain of salt, but interesting and fun none the less!

This blog is an ongoing attempt to gather information and theories surrounding Cry Gaia/darkdaysarecoming/the secret world. It's not completed yet, which I ask you to keep in mind.

I just got word that this blog has been mentioned by Ragnar Tornquists blog! Very flattering and great fun!

I encourage anyone to comment with their own theories!

Thank you to all involved in solving this riddle, you have all worked hard and I am impressed by all the effort and dedication shown in the forums. It's hard keeping track on who did what, so please don't feel left out! :)


The mysterious letter

It all started (at least for some of us) with a letter..

An old document attatched to a mail or posted at forums.

The Poem

A grim, odd arcane sky
Any god, I mark sacred.

A masked cry adoring

A dreamy, sick dragon.


Six texts, all in different languages, surround the poem.

de que manera estan involucrados los illuminati - spanish - roughly translates into "how does this involve the illuminati".

Amundsen fant det under isen - Norwegian - "Amundsen found it under the ice".

בני האלהים - Hebrew - "Sons of God"

Qu'est ce que ca veut dire? Qui sont les Huits? - French - "What does it mean? Who are the Eights ?"

Etwas über einen "Krieg der Finsternis"
- German - "Something about/over a "War of Darkness""

4 lines 4 symbols The fourth age Are we approaching

The Illuminati are clearly mentioned.

However, whoever wrote “The Letter”, or at least the note in the top left corner, clearly was as in the dark as to the involvement of the Illuminati as we are.
Information about the Illuminati can be found here:


On the document is a seal connected to the Knights Templar.

This gives us no concrete leads, only more theories. Will the Templar be fighting whatever fate befalls the Earth/Gaia?
Who are the Knights Templar?

To the left of the french text, there is a sign shaped like a eight lying on its side. This is the sign for Infinity.


The number 2012 is clearly written on the document.
This is, amongst other things, thought to point towards the year 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends. (I'll add more about this in a while - promise)

More on 2012

More theories involve:
  • The release date for this game
  • The Galactic Lock theory

Who/what are "The Eights" spoken of in the French text?
We have no answers, only theories. They include:

  • 5 locations of the pentagram plus London, New York, and Shanghai
  • The 8 demons in the First Heirarchy
  • The 8 ancient gods of elementary power
  • The symbol of new order
  • The 8 Immortals in Chinese Mythology
  • Eightfold path of Buddhism
  • The Great 8
  • The 8 members of Amundsens team
  • The 8 familymembers of Noah, who were the only ones to be saved.
  • The 8 notable Himalayan peeks
  • The 8 prophets: Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad, and Mahdi
  • The eight Immortals. - The puzzle

Solving the anagrams from the document gives us the adress
Clicking the "O" there takes us to a puzzle, and one of three cities; London, New York or Shanghai. (It is thought that which city you end up in depends on you IP-number.)

London (click for a bigger version)

New York


In the pictures, there are four clickable spots, giving you three symbols each. They may seem identical at first, but they are not.

Using the Poem from The original document gives us clues for this puzzle.

A grim, odd arcane sky
Any god, I mark sacred.

A masked cry adoring

A dreamy, sick dragon.

Becomes: and

All showing us which symbol to use for each clickable spot.
These four symbols go on the white circle in the middle of the page. (The one with the Vitruvian Man inside)

The symbols used here seems to be old french emblems. There is a small description beside each of them here: (Found by Nova and translated by Xuan)

Unius compendium, alterius

The profit of one is the disprofit of another.

Sic terras turbine perflat.

So he troubles the earth with whirlwinds.

Là, le danger. There, the danger. (Thanks Coren)

Vis nescia vinci.

Force that cannot be overcome with force

Note that when you are on the right track, the circle will start pulsating.

When solving this puzzle the circle changes into a sun, but more remarkable is that the cities change. Suddenly they are destroyed, almost apocalyptic.
London appears burned, Shanghai seems assailed by great tornados, New York is overgrown with monstrous vegetation.
What causes this?

You will also get a link to the official forums and a bunch of odd letters/symbols. These are the way to get further from here.

All three cities gives different sets of symbols, gathering all three and putting them side by side, you get this:

(Again, click for bigger pic)

It was discovered that the symbols were numbers 0-9 in Sanskrit , and the arrows were just that - arrows. Translated, the numbers reveal coordinates, giving these locations:

Easter Island - 27 6' 31"S, 109 21' 11"W

Near Bermuda - 36 32' 10"N, 59 55' 0"W

Tibet - 31 3' 36"N, 81 19' 50"E

Ayers Rock - 25 20' 41"S, 131 1' 57"E

South Pole - 86 15' 24"S, 153 42' 40"E

What does these locations mean? Where to go next?
The theories are flowing.

Easter Island, Ayer's rock and Tibet have significant religious connotations.
Do the locations form a pentagram? A pointer to our destination? A warning? A mark on the face of Gaia, only visible in the cold, dark of the endless void?


There has been a lot of experimenting with these coordinates, putting them into Google Earth/Maps and drawing lines between them on flat maps. I'll post a couple of the pictures as they are theories as well.

This is Usro Ensutees picture. Showing a somewhat distorted pentagram.

The coords marked down in Google earth

Sinnor did some maths and marked down the middle from all coordinates. ( -14° 13' 22.00"+39° 18' 3.20")

Amundsen (under construction)

"Amundsen found it under the ice" - This is what the text on the document tells us. So who is Amundsen, and what did he really find?

The Story

Roald Amundsen was a Norwegian explorer who led the first successful expedition to the South Pole in 1911 - 1912. He disappeared in June 1918 while taking part in a rescue mission.

Amundsens team bestew of 8 explorers:

Olav Bjaaland
Hjalmar Johansen
Helmer Hanssen
Sverre Hassel
Henrik Lindstrøm
Kristian Prestrud
Jørgen Stubberud
Oscar Wisting

The Eights, or the number eight was mentioned in the note. Are they "The eights" spoken of?

Amundsen reached the the south pole the 14th of december 1911, beating his concurrent Robert Falcon Scott with about a month. Scott later died on his journey back from the South Pole.

Amundsen also traveled to the North pole on an airship,"Airship Norway", and made it there in 1926, thus becoming the first man to travel both poles.

After the North pole expedition Amundsen and Italian aeronautical engineer Umberto Nobile who was with him on the expedition fought over who earned all the glory, and the year after Nobile arranged his own expedition on the air ship "Italia". "Italia" crashed before reaching the pole, which started the first ever international polar search and rescue mission, and on short notice, Amundsen joined in on June 18, 1928.

It is belived that Amundsens plane was forced down due to bad weather and crashed somewhere near "Bjørnøya", south of Svalbard. Sometime later parts from the plane drifted to shore, the gas tank (and maybe other parts) showing evidence of someone trying to repair it or tampering.

There is little knowledge of what happened that day.

The question

What did Amundsen really find under the ice?

There is a passage from a memorial speech which could be relevant:

"And so when his work was completed , he returned to the icy shores, where his lifes achivement lies. He found an unknown grave under the the iceworlds clean sky"

Is the answer His own grave? Or death?
We don't know yet.

Other theories include Pandoras box, Leviathan , Atlantis and The Great Old Ones At the Mountains of Madness

A lot of the info regarding Amundsen comes from Phobos, who also added this:

"Roald Amundsen and his death "updated"

it says that the story surrounding Amundsens death might have to be rewritten because of new info. A woman states that she saw The plane Latham dissapear in the sea outside Tromsø, "not Bjørnøya".

Theories on what Amundsen found under the ice include:

  • a Pandora’s Box
  • Atlantis
  • Eden
  • The ark of the covenant
  • Agartha (one rumored entrance is under each pole)
Added info on Amundsen by Osicat :

Amundsen-expedition made camp, on their return trip from the Southpole, on January 1st to a place called Devil's glazier,
apparently to wait out the bad weather. They made a camp in a
crevasse, and did not break camp until January 2nd 7pm. Till then,
there is no mention what they did. They also had strayed from their
planned course. They also mention unusual wheather patterns happening on that day.

The party consisted 5 members: Olav Bjaaland (photographer), Helmer Hanssen, Sverre
Hassel, Oscar Wisting and Roald Amundsen.

The diary of the crew can be read from:

A Friend (under construction)

Who is he/she?

"A Friend" was the one who welcomed us to the forums, asking for help and telling us to be careful. Some time during May 10, his/her posts disappeared and changed to simply: Original post has been deleted. There’s no conspiracy .

I will try and gather as much as I can from the original posts here, as well as other facts and theories about "A Friend".

Forum Posts

The first post:

"You've arrived. Thank the Gods"
Last edited by A friend : May 9, 2007 at 02:21 AM.

This forum might not live for long - in fact, the first people to make it here were prevented from posting. THEY do not want us to communicate with each other, and THEY have eyes and ears everywhere.

The code is not yet cracked. What do the symbols mean? How are the three cities linked? What do they not want us to know?

It may be a game to them, but it's not a game - it's real. Dark days are coming. We must band together now, we must be prepared, and we must protect HER from the evil that rises.

Gaia is under threat. Your help is desperately needed.

(A friend.)

"The code has been cracked!"
Posted the morning of May 10 by A friend:

The code has been cracked, the locations marked. My friends - you've been helpful beyond measure. I WILL call on you again.

Five sacred places point to an ancient secret buried by time - a Pandora's Box that was very nearly opened, less than a century ago.

Once more this secret is in danger of being exposed. That MUST NOT be allowed to happen!

I'm taking this information with me to people who can help. Powerful friends. Warriors. Protectors. They inhabit this world, and yet they live apart from it, in secret places, hidden the dark places.

Be safe. Be vigilant. Be aware. We are approaching an end, and a new beginning. You will be called on again. And this time - the battle will be harder.

A friend.

A friend posted this message at the forum, and it was erased 5 minutes later..

Today, 05:50 PM
They've tried to shut me out, but I still have powerful friends amongst them.

The game has been announced, and it's too late for us to do anything about that.

All we can do now is wait for the secret world - the real world of secrets - to respond. Some of them will not be happy to see their secrets exposed. But they will deny everything. They always do.

There's something else, too... Don't be surprised if I call on some of you soon, as I said I would. I have been contacted by...well, it doesn't matter who. But I may soon be in possession of the final piece to this puzzle.

My post will not be here long, I suspect, so spread the word, keep vigilant, and don't trust them. They have no idea what they have just unleashed.

Why were the messages erased? Who are "They"?

Some of the theories concerning this are:

  • This was all part of a plot build-up, which they decided to stop once they changed the name.
  • "They" finally got to the forums and dealt with A friend.

New message from A Friend, at the forum at 01:35 but after 1 minute it was erased:

Friends - and enemies:

Together we are stronger than we are apart; once again that has been made abundantly clear to me. With your assistance and diligence, I'm closer than ever to deciphering the cryptic clues on (and in) the photograph.

But we aren't there yet. I have been preoccupied with...other matters, and your assistance is still of the utmost importance. I believe we only have a few days before time runs out. I may be wrong. But if I am right, we must work harder to crack this infernal code.

As I told you yesterday, I know we need the following information:

When was the photograph taken - on the minute. Year, date, time.
Where was the photograph taken - exactly.
Who took the photograph - and who was his most trusted friend.

These things will point us through the dark days that are coming, and unlock a message from the past - a message that will, hopefully, inspire us and guide us through the dark days ahead.

How do I know these things? I'm being led through the darkness by a guiding light, just as I lead you through the falling dark. I don't know who she really is, who she answers to, or why she's chosen me - but she has, as I have chosen you.

Please, as always, record my words carefully. This message will be deleted soon, I'm sure, and I don't have the resources at this moment to send you another mail. I can't risk exposing trusted friends in precarious positions, and will only ask them such favours when the circumstances warrant it.

Remember this: there may be other messages, hidden ones, that we have yet to find. I feel there's something missing. But I KNOW that some of you - some of you - are on the right track. I believe we have the year, I believe we know where it was taken, but we need all the information - as quickly as possible.

Be safe. Stay vigilant. I will return.

A friend.

Yet another new message from A Friend at 17:51 GMT Sunday 13th May. (Thanks Cillus)

You have found the precise date, I'm sure of it. It corresponds perfectly with my own research into the photograph, and with what A. B. has told me. Year, month, date - you have solved the riddle.

I do not believe, however, that you have found the exact time yet. I know the hour and minute will be marked clearly, albeit cryptically, on the photograph - I have encountered others like it, and these details are crucial to those who frequent the secret world - but I cannot decipher the code myself. For this I must rely entirely on you.

I also believe the location to be self-evident, though I hesitate to be more precise. I want the answer to come from you. I could very well be wrong in my assumptions, and every statement I make has a way of becoming the accepted truth - something for which I only have myself to blame, of course.

I have some new information, however. She told me that the arrow points the way, and the gate is one of five. Yes...yes, it makes perfect sense...but I don't want you to discount other possibilities just yet. I will leave it to you - all of you - to answer that riddle.

Where do all the numbers point? Again, one of you has the answer already, I'm very sure of that. Together you will crack the code and unlock the final message for me, for all of us, for everyone.

When you do, I must disappear for a while. I have become much more visible than I had hoped I would have to, and they are hunting me. Every hour, every minute, brings them closer. I don't have much longer.

Be vigilant. Be prepared. And don't stop until you have the answer. I depend on you. The world depends on you.

A friend

A friend wrote 14th May 2007 11:24

My situation is increasingly precarious. I stay on the move, go online only where I feel safe - in public places, coffee shops, libraries. I have stopped using my phone. I keep looking over my shoulder. I'm the last to get on the train, making sure no one enters after me - and I'm the last one off, just before the doors close. I avoid dark places, I stay where there are people, always, and I keep my eyes turned down and my face in shadow.

Paranoia grips my heart. I can't tell friend from foe, safe haven from devious trap. Sometimes I'm not even sure I'm being followed... Until I catch a glimpse of something strange in a darkened reflection, or hear a disturbingly familiar sound when I lie awake at night...

Yet I'm committed to this cause, as are you - I'm sure of it - and I will not stop until I know the whole Truth.

The code remains unbroken, however.

You have not yet found the place the photograph was taken - I'm sure of it. Remember: the arrow points the way, she said. There is an arrow made from numbers. You found it once. You can find it again.

I fear you have not found the precise hour, either. I have nothing but a gut feeling about this, but I think the answer may be even more obvious than we first thought.

With everything else, I'm confident that we have the answers we need, but not yet the way to use those answers.

Some of you are certainly on the right track, but the secret may be buried in a place closer to home, right under our eyes. Certain people are in possession of something precious that we need access to - people who should never have had it in the first place - and they are foolish enough to put it where someone, anyone, can access it.

The year. The date. The time. The place. These will lead us to a final message, and tell us something of the past...and the future.

Be vigilant, friends. Beware reflections in windows and strange sounds at night. It might mean you are getting too close. Leave it be, then, all of this, and return to your life in the sun. Enjoy it while it's still there.

I wish I could.

A friend


This E-mail was sent to people registered at the official forums:

From: A friend -
I said I would call on you again. I had no idea it would be so soon. A trusted friend has sent me a scan of an old photograph thought lost that may hold clues to the true nature of the conspiracy. I need your help to decipher the clues and find its source. You were the ones, the chosen ones, who discovered the truth behind the numbers. You are needed once more. Your friend, HS

This is what to be found at Flickr:

A.B. sent it to me. I don't yet know why - she refuses to say. What significance does it hold? I must gather the following information: When was it taken. Where - exactly - and by whom. Who is the man standing near the camera? And how will this information relate to the approaching darkness? (Quickly now...they are trying to make this all go away. I will have to move the photograph again soon.)

Our friend was right, just a short while later the picture was gone, only a short message left:

The photo you were looking for has been deleted.
You might like to ask The Secret Places about it!

New Email, May 14, 2007, 12:00


I'm no longer able to post on the forums. My messages are deleted instantly,
and unwanted eyes are able to pry into our private affairs. I am, however,
still able to use the very same channels for sending mail that cannot be
tracked back to where I currently am. For now.

Hopefully all of you are to be trusted. Don't show your cards - and be

I believe you have found the location now. Yes, the arrow points there - the
pentagram - and all prior signs correspond with your latest theory. It is as
I thought, but I needed it confirmed. Good work!

I'm as much in the dark as you are about the time. I know the clues are
right there in the photo, as clear as day, as obvious as anything we've ever
looked at...but the answer still eludes me. The clock is a message, I'm sure
of it. But how to read it? You must focus on that now. We have the other

Remember: Year, month, day, hour, minute - and the location.

The names are the key to the message.

My coffee grows cold and I'm receiving long looks from the staff. I should
move on before the lunch crowd arrives. I don't know where to go next, but I
will try to check in again soon. If not today, then certainly tomorrow. But
then, after that... Time runs short. I must disappear or risk exposing

Hurry. You are closer than ever. I depend on you now.

A friend

May 14 2007 23:46:49 "thank you"


You have cracked the code! An important message has been unveiled - one that is more important than you could possibly imagine.

I know now who A.B. is, and I know how to contact her. She might - no, she will - help me disappear. And I trust that she will be able to answer a few of my many questions regarding the sleeping threat.

I owe you a great deal, friends. Without your help, I would not have found the letter from Belmont, and I would have been searching still for answers and for a safe house. Because of you - every single one of you - I shall sleep soundly tonight, without waking in fear and jumping at shadows. Thank you.

I might return one final time in the days to come to tell you some of what I've learned, but I can make no promises about that. I intend to disappear for a while, at least until my enemies grow tired and return to their stone buildings and their long tables, but I will be back again some day - this I DO promise. There is much more to learn about the secret world, and I intend to learn it all...before it is too late.

Be safe, friends. Be vigilant - always. Be strong. Keep searching. Keep learning. Keep reading, listening, watching. The answers hide in history, mythology, legends, and stories. The day will come when you are needed, all of you, in the battle against darkness. Without people like you, our Earth - Gaia - is doomed.


A friend

The "Amundsen Photo" (under construction)

The picture from flickr, directed by mails sent by "A Friend".

The popular theory is that this picture indicates that Amundsen found a door leading to something on one of his expeditions.

Latin Text

Present on picture is a text in latin:

"Dominus deus ergo soporem in adam"

Which is from the Bible, Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 21.
(Then the Lord God cast a deep sleep upon Adam: and when he was fast asleep, he took one of his ribs, and filled up flesh for it.)

It is theorised that the clock seen scribbled on the picture shows where to start reading the words, at 8, meaning from the word Ergo - going clockwise. Thus receiving the above mentioned order of words.


On the bottom of the picture are two symbols. Kanji:

The signs are thought to be those of metal and rooster.

Hidden text

It was discovered that when opening the picture from Flickr (Has to be that version of the pic) in notepad, there was hidden text imbedded within the image.

This is the text that was found:

From the journal of Nicolas Belmont:

"We descended into the valley, ten years after A. first found the gate. After taking the photograph, I followed, the last man through that terrifying stone door.

"I remember turning, seeing a dazzling blue sky, a brilliant white sun, and then...descending into that primeval, eldritch darkness. Led by Tibetan Sherpas, our journey into the mountain felt eternal - hours turning into days, ever downwards, madness lurking at the edge of our thoughts - until finally we--"

A Friend
wrote in one of his/her messages:

I must gather the following information: When was it taken. Where - exactly - and by whom. Who is the man standing near the camera? And how will this information relate to the approaching darkness?

These are apparently things we have to figure out..

So, When was the picture taken?

  • Dec 21, 1921 ( based on the Chinese year of the Metal Rooster and reading the bible quote number as 12:21)
Time it was taken
  • 20:12
Sa_avenger added some more info on how the time was found.
It was in the first friend message 20122112 (20:12 21st december) and also on the clock if you consider having both "minute" hands one showing 8 the other showing 12

Where is this picture taken?
  • Antarctica 86 15 24S 153 42 40E
Who took the picture?
  • It's clear with the discovery of the photo meta data that this picture was taken by Nicolas Belmont.
Who is the man near the camera?
  • Amundsen
What did they find?
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Atlantis
  • Eden (Using the bible quote)
  • The ark of the covenant
  • Agartha (one rumored entrance is under each pole)
How does this relate to the coming darkness?

  • Garden of Eden
  • Cthulu
  • The ark of the Covenant
  • The Holy Grail (Like the Templars)
  • Noah's Ark.
  • A Pandoras Box
Who was the most trusted friend/the best friend?

  • Amundsen (listed as the most likely candidate for who "A" is. "A" is also thought to be the best friend we're looking for.)

There are many theories on all this, and I have not had the time to go through them all, so forgive me if something is wrong or missing. Please - tell me if there is anything!

The Next Step

Combining the date, time and coordinates of the location, we get this url:

This leads to a loginpage with the text "Welcome back, Aveline."

Login: Belmont
Password: Amundsen

Using these we get to see the back of the "Amundsen photo".

It is a letter in French, apparently from Nicolas Belmont to his wife.

It translates into:

"My dear love,

As I write these words our ennemies are gaining terrirtory. I will not let them take me.

The secrets that I keep cannot, must not, fall in their hands.

I tried to stop these terrible events from taking place, but I am afraid I have failed.

My love, I will never see you again but you in you my heritage. Protect yourself. Go west to the new world and look for our friends.

They will help the both of you (or the 2 of them will help you)

But be cautious, we are faced with the biggest of all mysteries, A conspiracy that predates this age, all ages.

They will wake up.

It has begun.

Forever yours,

Paris 1924"

So. Where to from here?

More theories (under construction)

I'm going to post some more and deeper info on the different theories here.

Theories on Agartha

Entrance to Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti or Agarttha)
Agartha is a legendary city that is said to reside in the Earth's core. It is related to the Hollow Earth theory. It is a popular subject in Esotericism.

Possible entrances are:
  • Cueva de los Tayos (Cave of the oil birds), Ecuador
  • Gobi Desert, Mongolia.
  • Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  • Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA
  • Manaus, Brazil
  • Mato Grosso, Brazil
  • Mount Epomeo, Italy
  • Mount Shasta, California (the Agharthean city of Telos)
  • North Pole
  • Rama, near Jaipur, India
  • South Pole
  • The Well of Sheshna in Benares
In Tibet, there is a major mystical shrine also called 'Potala,' which is said by the people there to sit atop an ancient cavern and tunnel system, which reaches throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond. The Nagas also traditionally have an affinity with water, and the entrances to their underground palaces are often said to be hidden at the bottom of wells, deep lakes and rivers. (Tibet text from Vlaka)

Original Thread can be found here

More Information about Agartha can be found here

Theory on Ayers Rock, Dreamtime, Songlines and why it's important.
(By Nyte, From

Ayers Rock: - 25 20' 41"S, 131 1' 57"E
In doing some research about Ayers Rock (a.k.a. Uluṟu), Nyte stumbled across this:

Name / History
Uluṟu, also known as Ayers Rock, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia... The local Pitjantjatjara people call the landmark Uluṟu. This word has no other meaning in Pitjantjatjara, but it is a local family name.

Description / Geology
Uluṟu is Australia's most recognisable natural icon. The world-renowned sandstone formation stands 348 m (1,142 ft) high [863 m (2,831 ft) above sea level] with most of its bulk below the ground, and measures 9.4 km (5.8 mi) in circumference... The strata at Uluṟu are nearly vertical, dipping to the southwest at 85°, and have an exposed thickness of at least 2,400 m (7,900 ft). The strata dip below the surrounding plain and no doubt extend well beyond Uluṟu in the subsurface, but the extent is not known.
Legends / Superstitions
A variety of Aboriginal legends account for the existence of Uluṟu and its many cracks and fissures.

One tells of serpent beings who waged many wars around Uluṟu, scarring the rock. Another myth recounts that two tribes of ancestral spirits were invited to a feast, but were distracted by the beautiful Sleepy Lizard Women and did not show up... There followed a great battle, which ended in the deaths of the leaders of both tribes. The earth itself rose up in grief at the bloodshed, becoming Uluṟu.

It is often reported that those who take rocks from the formation will be cursed and suffer misfortune. There have been many instances where people who removed such rocks attempted to mail them back to various agencies in an attempt to remove the perceived curse.

Hello! The earth itself rose up in grief at the bloodshed = a.k.a Cry Gaia. But wait... it gets better...

Tourism issues

The Aṉangu also request that visitors not photograph certain sections of Uluṟu, for reasons related to traditional Tjukurpa beliefs... Historical photographs of these formations continue to circulate through the world population at large.


The local Aṉangu do not climb Uluṟu because of its great spiritual significance. They request that visitors not climb the rock, partly due to the path crossing a sacred traditional Dreamtime track...

So what is a Dreamtime track? If you're still paying attention you're in for a treat!

Aboriginals believe in two forms of time. Two parallel streams of activity. One is the daily objective activity ... The other is an infinite spiritual cycle called the "dreamtime," more real than reality itself. Whatever happens in the dreamtime establishes the values, symbols, and laws of Aboriginal society. Some people of unusual spiritual powers have contact with the dreamtime.

Australian's indigenous peoples conceive of all things beginning with the Dreaming or (in some Indigenous languages) Altjeringa (also called the Dreamtime), a 'once upon a time' time out of time where archetypal ancestral totemic spirit-beings formed the World.

The expression 'Dreamtime' is most often used to refer to the 'time before time', or 'the time of the creation of all things'...

The journey of the Spirit Ancestors across the land are recorded in Dreaming Tracks. A Dreaming track joins a number of sites which trace the path of an Ancestral Being as it moved through the landscape, forming its features, creating its flora and fauna and laying down the Laws.

Dreaming tracks are also called Songlines. Songlines are an intricate series of song cycles that identify landmarks and subtle tracking mechanisms for navigation. These songs often evoke how the features of the land were created and named during the Dreaming...

By singing the songs in the appropriate sequence, indigenous peoples could navigate vast distances... some of which are of a few kilometres, whilst others traverse hundreds of kilometres through disparate terrain and lands of many different indigenous peoples ~ peoples who may speak markedly different languages and champion significantly different cultural traditions.

An interesting feature of the paths is that, as they span the lands of several different language groups, different parts of the song are said to be in those different languages. Thus the whole song can only be fully understood by a person speaking all the relevant languages.

So let's look at the map and coordinates again. I believe the lines between these coordinates represent Songlines.

And if you've made it this far, I've saved the best part for last:

The Computer game Dreamfall draws heavily from the concept of Dreamtime, as well as from other Aboriginal mythologies.

Hey... I wonder if we know anyone heavily involved in the development and lore behind Dreamfall?

Diving into Dreamtime and Songlines opens up a whole "Pandora's Box" of Lore. (sorry, couldn't help myself...) But that will have to be a topic for another thread.

Aveline Belmont

Aveline Belmont. Presumably Nicolas Belmonts' wife.

Has "A Friend" conned us all? Is she the one to trust?

E-mail from Aveline Belmont:

Aveline Belmont < Aveline.Belmont@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >

16 may 2007

You've been had, all of you. You've just fallen for the biggest and most
obvious con around. Do you have any idea what you've done? You've exposed
me, and now I'm screwed.

Your 'friend' was anything but. With your help, he's uncovered secrets that
shouldn't have been uncovered, he's gained possession of powerful
information, he's tracked me down, and now I have to go invisible. All
because of your little 'game'. Thanks.

Okay, fine, I realize that most of you didn't know what you were doing.
You're just children playing with dangerous explosives. So in the future,
I'd advise you to be a little more cautious and less trusting of strangers -
or stay the hell away from the secret world.

But at least you've proven your worth in some ways. I'm actually impressed
by what you accomplished, and I'm sure there's a very good reason why you
were drawn to this mystery in the first place. See, now you owe me a big
favour, all of you, and rest assured: I'll be calling on you to claim that
favour. Not tomorrow, not next week, but some day. And you are going to
help me, because if you don't, we're all screwed.

Is the end of the world incentive enough for you? Thought so.

Like I said, don't trust just anyone who comes up and asks you to do them a
favour, and don't mess with things you don't understand. It'll make my life
a hell of a lot easier.

Be seeing you,

Aveline Belmont

So, have we all been decieved by A Friend, or is Aveline the one trying to con us...?

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