Thursday, May 10, 2007

The mysterious letter

It all started (at least for some of us) with a letter..

An old document attatched to a mail or posted at forums.

The Poem

A grim, odd arcane sky
Any god, I mark sacred.

A masked cry adoring

A dreamy, sick dragon.


Six texts, all in different languages, surround the poem.

de que manera estan involucrados los illuminati - spanish - roughly translates into "how does this involve the illuminati".

Amundsen fant det under isen - Norwegian - "Amundsen found it under the ice".

בני האלהים - Hebrew - "Sons of God"

Qu'est ce que ca veut dire? Qui sont les Huits? - French - "What does it mean? Who are the Eights ?"

Etwas über einen "Krieg der Finsternis"
- German - "Something about/over a "War of Darkness""

4 lines 4 symbols The fourth age Are we approaching

The Illuminati are clearly mentioned.

However, whoever wrote “The Letter”, or at least the note in the top left corner, clearly was as in the dark as to the involvement of the Illuminati as we are.
Information about the Illuminati can be found here:


On the document is a seal connected to the Knights Templar.

This gives us no concrete leads, only more theories. Will the Templar be fighting whatever fate befalls the Earth/Gaia?
Who are the Knights Templar?

To the left of the french text, there is a sign shaped like a eight lying on its side. This is the sign for Infinity.


The number 2012 is clearly written on the document.
This is, amongst other things, thought to point towards the year 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends. (I'll add more about this in a while - promise)

More on 2012

More theories involve:
  • The release date for this game
  • The Galactic Lock theory

Who/what are "The Eights" spoken of in the French text?
We have no answers, only theories. They include:

  • 5 locations of the pentagram plus London, New York, and Shanghai
  • The 8 demons in the First Heirarchy
  • The 8 ancient gods of elementary power
  • The symbol of new order
  • The 8 Immortals in Chinese Mythology
  • Eightfold path of Buddhism
  • The Great 8
  • The 8 members of Amundsens team
  • The 8 familymembers of Noah, who were the only ones to be saved.
  • The 8 notable Himalayan peeks
  • The 8 prophets: Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad, and Mahdi
  • The eight Immortals.


kai said...

If one do look at the document. It clearly states out that it is an old document from the knights templars ( 4 lines and seal ). With added writings over time. Say a document found in time by different researchers that have put their mark on it. If it does mean any blood is present at the amundsen statement, he died at bjornoya ( the official point of wiev ). 4. th age ? do i see some related to tolkiens age ? 2012 Maya calender.

So could one conclude death of sivilisation as we know, and the birth of a new era. With safespots known and hidden by the knights templars ? ( The spots mentioned as coordinates ). Hard to say, clock on my london puzzle is ticking 8,40 hours left to something. Perhaps new pages or another puzzle.

Anonymous said...

In a real code, a message like this would serve as a distraction, lure, or ruse.

However, since this is a computer game advertisement, we must assume that the conjoining messages are also advertisements and hence relevent.

So we will dispense with remarking that the eights are obviously referants to archaic pregnancy symbols, that the two written mentions of the number four are quite possibly a referent to a scalpel, that the cityscape might be outlined from a specific bay city wherein the legal code 2012 is pertinent, that 5-6-4-4 is the word count in each phrase of the largest passage (if the passage is to be considered seperate rather than flowing in cypher), that 1-4-3-5-3 is the first phrase letter count, that a few words might have been spoken five years before the message was conveyed that makes only one letter or symbol (or even corner of the message) important.

One might also have checked the color code information, blah blah blah blah blah... as well as recollect the last time one heard such music and the location of housepets.

Anonymous said...

Also, "And also, indeed, she is my sister, the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother, and she became my wife."

Or, "The following is the service of the sons of Kohath in the Tent of Meeting-the Holy of Holies."

-septembervirgin (again)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the Mahdi isn't technically a Prophet since Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last Prophet.

Granted, the Mahdi is regarded as the redeemer of the world (think second coming of Christ, Muslims believe the two will work together to fight the Anti-Christ) so technically you could label him a Prophet...just and FYI, not sure if that helps or changes anything...

Myrtle said...

The "sons of gods" are mentioned in Genesis 6,1-4. They are the product of the love between the "sons of god/ of gods" and human women, they are giants, and they are heroes. We do not know whether they are friendly or not.

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