Thursday, May 10, 2007

The "Amundsen Photo" (under construction)

The picture from flickr, directed by mails sent by "A Friend".

The popular theory is that this picture indicates that Amundsen found a door leading to something on one of his expeditions.

Latin Text

Present on picture is a text in latin:

"Dominus deus ergo soporem in adam"

Which is from the Bible, Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 21.
(Then the Lord God cast a deep sleep upon Adam: and when he was fast asleep, he took one of his ribs, and filled up flesh for it.)

It is theorised that the clock seen scribbled on the picture shows where to start reading the words, at 8, meaning from the word Ergo - going clockwise. Thus receiving the above mentioned order of words.


On the bottom of the picture are two symbols. Kanji:

The signs are thought to be those of metal and rooster.

Hidden text

It was discovered that when opening the picture from Flickr (Has to be that version of the pic) in notepad, there was hidden text imbedded within the image.

This is the text that was found:

From the journal of Nicolas Belmont:

"We descended into the valley, ten years after A. first found the gate. After taking the photograph, I followed, the last man through that terrifying stone door.

"I remember turning, seeing a dazzling blue sky, a brilliant white sun, and then...descending into that primeval, eldritch darkness. Led by Tibetan Sherpas, our journey into the mountain felt eternal - hours turning into days, ever downwards, madness lurking at the edge of our thoughts - until finally we--"

A Friend
wrote in one of his/her messages:

I must gather the following information: When was it taken. Where - exactly - and by whom. Who is the man standing near the camera? And how will this information relate to the approaching darkness?

These are apparently things we have to figure out..

So, When was the picture taken?

  • Dec 21, 1921 ( based on the Chinese year of the Metal Rooster and reading the bible quote number as 12:21)
Time it was taken
  • 20:12
Sa_avenger added some more info on how the time was found.
It was in the first friend message 20122112 (20:12 21st december) and also on the clock if you consider having both "minute" hands one showing 8 the other showing 12

Where is this picture taken?
  • Antarctica 86 15 24S 153 42 40E
Who took the picture?
  • It's clear with the discovery of the photo meta data that this picture was taken by Nicolas Belmont.
Who is the man near the camera?
  • Amundsen
What did they find?
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Atlantis
  • Eden (Using the bible quote)
  • The ark of the covenant
  • Agartha (one rumored entrance is under each pole)
How does this relate to the coming darkness?

  • Garden of Eden
  • Cthulu
  • The ark of the Covenant
  • The Holy Grail (Like the Templars)
  • Noah's Ark.
  • A Pandoras Box
Who was the most trusted friend/the best friend?

  • Amundsen (listed as the most likely candidate for who "A" is. "A" is also thought to be the best friend we're looking for.)

There are many theories on all this, and I have not had the time to go through them all, so forgive me if something is wrong or missing. Please - tell me if there is anything!

The Next Step

Combining the date, time and coordinates of the location, we get this url:

This leads to a loginpage with the text "Welcome back, Aveline."

Login: Belmont
Password: Amundsen

Using these we get to see the back of the "Amundsen photo".

It is a letter in French, apparently from Nicolas Belmont to his wife.

It translates into:

"My dear love,

As I write these words our ennemies are gaining terrirtory. I will not let them take me.

The secrets that I keep cannot, must not, fall in their hands.

I tried to stop these terrible events from taking place, but I am afraid I have failed.

My love, I will never see you again but you in you my heritage. Protect yourself. Go west to the new world and look for our friends.

They will help the both of you (or the 2 of them will help you)

But be cautious, we are faced with the biggest of all mysteries, A conspiracy that predates this age, all ages.

They will wake up.

It has begun.

Forever yours,

Paris 1924"

So. Where to from here?


Klaus said...

Facts supporting the South Pole theory can be found at wikipedia, where a photograph of Amundsens SP-Expidition is shown.

Link to photograpgh, naming all five expidition-members and also Olav Bjaaland as the photographer:

The whole arcticle can be found here:

Twee said...

Thanks Klaus, I added that to the blog. I appreciate it!

Michael said...

Interesting. In the Chinese Zodiac, 1921, not 1912, is the year of the Metal Rooster. It seem to be a dead end as the only expedition to Antarctica in 1921 was a British one trying to circumnavigate it.


Anonymous said...

The clock looks like 20 (21?) minutes to 12--not 8 o'clock as some are saying. Is this the time the door opens every 100 years? 1912-2012?

proteinic said...

No one has noticed that the lines in the picture (where the words are written) seems to be part of a five star pentagram? Like the coordinates in the map. Could be a clue.

Klaus said...

forum post by 'a friend'


We know now who took the photograph and who his most trusted friend is. I recognise the name and will dig deeper into the past for more information. Keep your findings safe, friends.

We still need to know when the photo was taken. Many of you have theories that I believe are very, very close to the truth. But a date and year is not enough. We need an hour. I, too, am searching, but you I am one and you are many - I believe you will find the answer before I do.

Where was it taken? The photographer's friend is surely the clue here. Remember the letter I sent you. Remember the answers you uncovered not long ago in these very forums. Do not get lost in the details.

How do these numbers apply to the dark days that are coming? I still do not know. I will keep looking.

Store this message in a safe place. Be well. Be vigilant.

A friend

Miss Mea-Mea said...

Posted to the forum around 1pm EST:

You have found the precise date, I'm sure of it. It corresponds perfectly with my own research into the photograph, and with what A. B. has told me. Year, month, date - you have solved the riddle.

I do not believe, however, that you have found the exact time yet. I know the hour and minute will be marked clearly, albeit cryptically, on the photograph - I have encountered others like it, and these details are crucial to those who frequent the secret world - but I cannot decipher the code myself. For this I must rely entirely on you.

I also believe the location to be self-evident, though I hesitate to be more precise. I want the answer to come from you. I could very well be wrong in my assumptions, and every statement I make has a way of becoming the accepted truth - something for which I only have myself to blame, of course.

I have some new information, however. She told me that the arrow points the way, and the gate is one of five. Yes...yes, it makes perfect sense...but I don't want you to discount other possibilities just yet. I will leave it to you - all of you - to answer that riddle.

Where do all the numbers point? Again, one of you has the answer already, I'm very sure of that. Together you will crack the code and unlock the final message for me, for all of us, for everyone.

When you do, I must disappear for a while. I have become much more visible than I had hoped I would have to, and they are hunting me. Every hour, every minute, brings them closer. I don't have much longer.

Be vigilant. Be prepared. And don't stop until you have the answer. I depend on you. The world depends on you.

A friend

Anonymous said...

That Chinese character that has been described as "metal" actually is more precisely "gold", according to a Chinese friend of mine anyway. :)

SA_Avenger said...

So you can edit message so that 1:53 is discarded :)

SA_Avenger said...

Time is 20:12

full url is

login= Belmont
Password= Amundsen
you can find a new pic with translation meaning
"At the moment I'm writing these words
Our ennemis are closing. I'll not let them take me.

The secrets I keep must not, ought not to, fall in their hands
I tried to stop those terribles events to happen but I fear I failed

My love I won't see you ever again, but you carry my heritage with you.
Find a shelter. GO west to the new world and Find our friends there.
They'll help you both
But that care
We face the biggest of all mysteries
A conspiracy older than this age, than all ages.
THey are awaking
It begins

Faithfully yours;
Paris 1924"

Kervennic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Correct translation is "Both of you"

SA_Avenger said...

TIme is 20:12
and Antartica has been confirmed
code has been cracked ;)
just to keep you up to date
We will just wait for more new from a friend now...

SA_Avenger said...

Some more info on how we found time btw.
It was in the first friend message 20122112 (20:12 21st december) and also on the clock if you consider having both "minute" hands one showing 8 the other showing 12

Anonymous said...

This letter can not be written by a French due to spelling.
"reverez" => "reverrais".
Nicolas is not French.

Anonymous said...

reverrais is correct french it is a future, in eglish you would translate it lijk: i'm going to, or i will

Anonymous said...

go west to the new world, doesn't that mean something like: go west to america(since america was considered as the new world in the 17th-19th century

8ma1iche said...

i found the sodoku puzzle on under the Cry Gaia Puzzle # 1 post. if it pertains to this, please read my post as it may help some of those thinkers come up with whats next.

Anonymous said...

nvm i know now that the puzzle is for fun only...waste of time

Anonymous said...

This letter was maybe not written by a french man, there are lots of language mistakes in it (I'm french)
So it's obvious that: Or he was not french or he was not very "educated"
New World (Nouveau Monde)could mean America, but it would have been quite odd to use those words since they were used in the passed centuries, but 1924 seems too recent to call America "Nouveau Monde", they stopped using those words a long time before

Nemo said...

Just saw this number four discussion on one board, well:

Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Book of Revelation 13:18

Apparently 616 in the oldest copy, 616 added together to 13 which adds together to 4.

Aras said...

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